When you’re dating, it’s hard enough finding a guy you LIKE, how do we make sure you can keep a man’s interest for the long haul?

If you find it hard to keep a man interested, I’ve got some great tips for you.

A large component behind keeping a man interested is to combine the power of “mystery” and “uniqueness”.

keep a man interested

Women who make it too easy on a man immediately lose that mysterious component. Women who are afraid of “screwing things up” tend to play things too safe and risk coming across as boring and not unique.

Here I reveal 3 powerful tips on how to manifest the allure of mystery and uniqueness to entice any man.

1. Keep Him Interested by Exuding Confidence

Unfortunately I don’t see this key component talked about enough. If you want to keep a man interested, you must first exude confidence.

There are two types of confidence.

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External confidence – the kind of confidence that everyone can see. This is reflected in the way you walk, stand, carry yourself, the way you talk, how you make decisions etc.

We are all natural body language readers. If a man meekly walked up to you, had trouble maintaining eye contact, stuttered his words and spoke too softly for you to hear, you’re probably NOT going to keep your attention on him. Human beings are drawn to contrast and boldness.

I’m not saying you need to be explosive and loud. Quiet and shy people can also exude confidence. A woman can stand there, not say anything to anyone and exude confidence.

Internal confidence – the second kind of confidence is a self-belief about yourself. Although this kind of confidence isn’t immediately obvious to everyone, it will play a vital role in demanding respect, attention and command from anyone you wish.

It’s this internal confidence in which determines how a man treats you. If you want to be treated as number 1 priority to any man, internal confidence is the device that governs this behavior. Without it even the most beautiful “outwardly” confident woman in the world could potentially be walked over and mistreated by a man.

Internal confidence is nothing more than an inner belief about yourself. It’s that voice in your head that tells you, “I’m worth a good man who treats me well. I’m worth a man’s pursuit. I deserve the greatest love and happiness the world has to offer.”

Inner confidence is also that voice that says, “I have the ability to keep a man’s interest by simply being who I am.”

You don’t and shouldn’t change yourself to make a man pursue you. As long as you recognize and can see the good that is already in you.

2. Keep Him Interested With Play Hard to Get the “Right” Way

There’s a “right way” and a “wrong way” to play hard to get. Playing hard to get has its place in a relationship, but you must know how to use it.

What playing hard to get is NOT:

  • Deceitful behavior (ie. Lying about your age, your profession, your interests, lying about anything to look more appealing to a guy)
  • Manipulative behavior (ie. Deliberating withdrawing contact, silent treatment, passive aggressiveness, guilt trips, saying you’re busy when you’re really free etc)
  • Expecting a man to do ALL of the work in the courting process.
  • Being difficult just to be difficult (ie. Saying No when you really mean Yes. Telling a man you don’t like him when you really like him. Pushing him away on purpose to try to “get his attention”).
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What playing hard to get IS (and how to do it effectively):

  • Placing a reasonable amount of priority and attention on a man based on his behaviour (E.g. When a man does an action that pleases you, only then do you reward him with your time and attention).
  • Move SLOWER than he would like whilst showing your keen interest on him.
  • Say No every now and then but always with a smile and be playful to signal no ill feeling.
  • Communicate what it is you would like him to do for you in a nice manner.
  • Express when you’re displeased and offer a solution for him to “make it up for you”. Make him work to obtain more of your time and attention and always reward him by initiating moves yourself to signal you’re playing as part of a team.

Men don’t like it easy but a lot of women take this too far and assume a man needs jump through multiple loops whilst doing the chicken dance for them. Be realistic in your expectations.

3. Keep Him Interested By Asking Interesting Questions

During the dating process you can easily fall into a “passive” role and wait for a man to do all the work. However this is how men lose interest after some time.

If you like a man, you must do your part to keep things interesting for him. One way to do that is to ask interesting thought-provoking questions. The more a man needs to think to answer these questions, the more “challenging” and interesting you’re making it for him.

Questions to ask a man to keep his interest devoted to you:

  • Do you believe in love at first sight? Why or why not?
  • What kind of role do you see a man and a woman playing in an ideal relationship?
  • If you won 10 million dollars tomorrow how would you spend that money?
  • If your ex girlfriend suddenly showed up on your door with a baby, and it is yours, what would you do?
  • If tomorrow you woke up and everyone in the world had disappeared, what would you do?

Try to be different. The tougher and more intriguing the question, the more a man needs to think about it. The more you can make a man think, the more intriguing and interesting he’ll find you.

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