In order to make a man fall in love, you must trigger pleasurable feelings inside him when he is around you. The more pleasurable feelings he feels, the more he’s going to want to be around you, the more he’s around you, the more he’ll fall in love with you.

So why is TEXTING such a powerful way to trigger pleasurable feelings? Because printed words have the power to feel much more PERSONAL than communication via other means. That’s why 100millions of books sell each year, there’s something personal about holding something in your hand, to take with you anywhere you go, you can take it into bed with you. And with smartphones being used as an extension of our hands now, it can be a VERY intimate way to communicate with someone.

Here I reveal 5 texts that can further your bond with your man and make him fall deeply in love!

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Okay, I get it, ladies, you already have a checklist, and at this point, you may be ready to throw it out the window. I prefer to call mine, the DREAM list, it only works if you know how to put it to USE for you.

Starting with a list you’re EMOTIONALLY invested in is a start. Do not pick arbitrary traits or purely superficial traits… neither will get you far.

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Let me know what you think. This approach is certainly more “logical” than others, but long term love requires logic and long term thinking. If you like this topic of content, let me know and I’ll be sure to create more content like this in the future.