Want to know how to attract men? Women who attract men seem to have the magical upper-hand and it’s not just because they have won the genetic lottery.

There are attractive women who may be able to attract some men’s attention but they’re not often the ones who get the most attention. So, is there some secret to attracting men?

I’ve discovered that there are 5 tips to do if you want to double, even triple the amount of male attention that you get.

Tip 1: What Attracts Men Is When You Notice Them

This first tip may surprise you but I’ve found one of the biggest reason women do not get more attention is that they will often “ignore” men.

If you go out and avoid any eye contact with men, if you do not smile and say “hello” to men that are close by, if you act as if men are not around and do not notice them at all, then men will just assume you don’t want to be bothered and they will avoid you!

To attract men, you must acknowledge them especially if they’re near you. Men are looking at your body language and seeing if you want to be approached. If you act as if they don’t exist, they will not acknowledge you!

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Tip 2: Be The Most Attractive Woman You Can Be

If you’re not putting in any effort into your appearance, you’ll subconsciously avoiding getting attention from men. However if you try to look good and know you look good, you’re more likely to step out with your head high and be more willing to engage. That’s because when you feel confident you want men to notice you!You don’t have to spend hours and hours a day on your appearance. Most men simply want a woman who appears healthy. Make sure your hair is clean, you smell good and you’re exercising regularly and you’ll instantly be more attractive to men.

Tip 3: Go To Places Where You Can “Meet Men”

If you’re not attracting men, you’re probably not going out enough. (Are you being lazy?) Just as advertisers need to promote their product and services on a regular basis to gain exposure, you also need to gain exposure every week. How often do you place yourself in situations where there are new men to interact with?

I know people say you can meet men anywhere. Eg. The supermarket, walking down the street, at a park, even coming out of a public bathroom… but let’s be honest with ourselves here, are we really engaged and switched on to have an interaction with a stranger every second of the day?

Consider your state of mind wherever you are. Are you in the frame of wanting to be approached or are you in the frame of, “I need to check another thing off my list.”

If you want to be more attractive to men, go to places or activities that people actually want to engage. Meetup groups. Social events. House parties. And do this as often as you can.

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Tip 4: When You Go Out With Girlfriends, Do It In Groups of 2 or 3

If you’re out with a group larger than 3, your chances to be approached significantly goes down. Men will find approaching a group of women very intimidating, (I mean wouldn’t you?) so you want to ease the barrier to entry by going out in smaller groups.

When you’re out with your girlfriends, still practice open body language so you’re not just facing each other and ignoring the rest of the world.

Look around the room, have your shoulders and feet facing outside the group, see if there are other people you can approach or bring into the group rather than sticking with the group.

Tip 5: What Attracts Men Is Prolonged Eye Contact

Are you shifty eyed when men are around or can you hold and maintain eye contact? Eye contact is one of the signals you can give to a guy that tells him you may be interested. This has an almost hypnotic effect on any man you use it on.

Practice holding eye contact with a guy for at least 3 seconds. This will increase his heart rate and research has shown it awakens the same part of the brain that is activated when we “fall in love”.

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