With these forgotten attraction tips men will be begging to be your boyfriend, even if you’re “shy and awkward” or you’ve being out of the dating loop for some time.

  1. Be present. Try to stay out of your head and be in the moment. When you do this, you’re more able to act and respond spontaneously. This is attractive because men are drawn to interesting women. Women, who live in their heads, come across aloof, cold and boring.
  2. Play. Imagine you’re 6 years old again and you’re in the playground with boys running around. At this age there is no anxieties around the opposite sex. You want to bring this back because guys want to feel RELAXED when he’s around you. Do this and men will find you super attractive.
  3. Focus on creating a fun moment. Not on getting into a relationship. When you focus on getting a relationship, you’ll feel frustrated when you don’t get what you want. Focus on having a good time and it’s a win-win situation. You get what you want and HE will start to want the relationship.
  4. Love yourself first. Appreciate your body. Appreciate your mind. Appreciate the person you’ve become. Enjoy your own company. Remember all the things you love about yourself. When you do this, men will want to treat you the same way.
  5. Use confident body language. Don’t forget the basics. Even if you’re not “feeling it”. Eye contact. Shoulders back. Chest forward. Chin up. Smile. Take up more space. Gesture more. Speak clearly and loudly. Move with confidence and sooner or later you’ll feel confident too.
  6. Present yourself well. Dress classy instead of frumpy or slutty. Men prefer clothing that hint at your figure instead of show everything up front or cover up too much. Also make sure you are the exemplar of health by keeping your hair and skin clean and healthy.
  7. Be social. Men evaluate women based on social value just as much as women do on men. When you’re in a social situation, mingle and talk to everyone. The more you’re seen as being liked by others, the more attractive you’ll naturally be to men.
  8. Treat others with respect and kindness. Whether it is the waiter, your sister or your work college. Treat the people around you with respect and kindness. When you do an altruistic act, you’re demonstrating your ability to love unselfishly in a relationship. Unfortunately, not many women have this quality these days. Men will flock to you in droves.

Here’s How to Get Him To Pursue You

  1. Give him a challenge. Men are natural born hunters. In courtship, he absolutely needs you to challenge him in order to feel the maximum amount of attraction for you. If there isn’t one naturally, create one just so he feels there is an obstacle to overcome in order to have you.
  2. Don’t give away too much. Re-frame from sharing way too much detail than you need to. Instead, keep the mystery about you. Say less. Observe more. Allow him to fill in the blanks himself and he’ll be much more attracted to you.
  3. You choose and men pursue. Make sure he knows you are choosing him (out of all the other guys) because he pursued you. Not because you NEED to be with him, but because you WANT to be with him. When he does something nice for you, thank him, hold onto his arm, lean on him etc, this gives him a massive ego boost and will make him even more crazy about you.
  4. Be consistent. In your communication, in your interest level, in everything. There’s nothing more unattractive than a woman who is not consistent. Boys may fall for the games a girl plays, but a real man won’t.
  5. Set boundaries early on. Men will push your boundaries to see what he can or can’t get away with. When he is being a dick, you need to call him out on it. If you don’t, his respect for you will drop.
  6. Always be willing to walk away. Never get involved with a man you can’t walk away from. There may come a time when he crosses a line or can’t give you what you want. You need to make it clear that you will and can always walk. This will massively increase the amount of value and respect he has for you.

Here’s How to Tell A Guy Is Really Interested

  1. Use the 80/20 rule when it comes to contact. He should be initiating contact with you 80% of the time. A man who is interested in you will not risk the chance of distance to come between you in case you “lose interest” in him. He will want to make sure you are always thinking of him.
  2. Take your time getting physical. Kissing, foreplay, sex. Too many women jump the gun with this on the first date and then wonder what happened when the guy starts to pull away. Let me repeat: if a guy really likes you, he will not be deterred just because you didn’t “go there” with him. Playful touching, slapping or holding hands is fine, getting hot and steamy is not.
  3. Be emotionally in control. If there is conflict, if he does something you don’t approve of, if there is miscommunication, remain calm. The most unattractive quality in a woman is a woman who can’t control her feelings. Learn to think before you act.

Here’s How To Make A Man Commit

  1. Use direct and honest communication. Don’t like something he did? Don’t like situation you’re in? Don’t know what he is thinking? Instead of asking friends, family and going to the relationship forum, be an adult and talk to him. Learn how to communicate honestly and directly with a man and he will thank you for it.
  2. Ask for what you want. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Remember you are in this relationship too. You have a right to voice your opinion and walk away from a situation you’re not happy with. Do not always assume it will scare him away. Maybe he just hasn’t thought about it and need a little nudge in the right direction.
  3. Don’t be too available. A man needs to know if he wants more access to you, more consistency, then he needs to solidify the relationship and become “official”. Without being official, you are not obliged to give him any “special” treatment.
  4. Don’t be in a hurry to get into a relationship. The man who deserves to be in a committed relationship with you needs to prove he is worthy of that title. This takes time. Get to know a man slowly and pay attention to his true character. Only commit if he is a good person and will only add to the quality of your life.

These are just a few ways to become so irresistible men will be climbing all over themselves in an effort to date you.