3 “Hidden” Signs He’s FLIRTING With You (Be Careful!)

What are the signs he’s flirting with you? If you’re wondering if “he’s flirting with me?” or you’d like to know If a high quality man shows signs he’s into you, here are 3 hidden signs a guy likes you.

High quality men, alpha men may be giving you signs he likes you but if you can’t read him or you MISS the signs that tell you if a guy likes you, you may miss out on a great opportunity to snatch him up! In this video, I’ll show you the signs he’s into you with his body language, and this makes you know whether he is flirting with you or just being nice.

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To start with, I’m not going to include all the really obvious signs that a man is flirting with you because well they’re obvious and in this video, I only want to cover the hidden signs or at least the signs that most women wouldn’t think a high quality man would do.

I WARN you against men who are too overly flirty, too overly confident at the beginning of the courtship phase. That probably means he is a player and he has a lot of experience courting women, dating women.

The chances of you being someone special – all of a sudden to change him, to make him commit, is very very low. I know we all want to think we’re that special woman who can do that but it really doesn’t happen.

“A man won’t change because of you, he’ll change because of him”

That’s just good to know.

Sign # 1 – He will be nervous around you.

If he is a high quality man, and in his profession, with his friends, in his career, he is very confident, this one will be even more obvious.

You want to watch for a man who is pretty confident, pretty sure of himself, but when he is around you, he gets a little bit tongue-tied.

One of the things you want to watch for is…

  • Him saying something stupid
  • Him saying something weird
  • Him calling you…teasing you probably a bit too far
  • Him calling you mate
  • Him calling you dude
  • Him saying something really dumb

And the reason why is because that means he’s nervous.

When a man is nervous he’s going to say things that sound stupid. I mean come on, we all do it right and it’s important that you cut him some slack.

If he appears really confident and he’s throwing out some real doozies of a line that just sounds like, “What? Did he just say that? What?” It probably means he was nervous and he was just trying to impress you but at the same time saying all kinds of dumb stuff too.

Be mindful of that. That’s actually a good thing.

That means he’s just nervous. That’s it.

Sign # 2 – He goes out of his way to include you.

This one’s also quite subtle.

This is in particular when you’re going out with a group of friends or you have friends with you and a guy likes you. Now your friend may have come in between you and that guy.

She may be talking to him, she may be interested in him, you know he may be talking to her. But if he likes you, he’s gonna find some way, some excuse to include you in that conversation and in particular when she’s trying to… you know your friend or another girl is trying to pull him away from you now.

Men can be kind of jerks about this.

If they like you and they don’t like the other girl that’s in the picture, they’ll be very rude to that other girl. Guys just don’t really care.

I’ve had a situation where the guy was here, another girl was here, and I was like here. So, I was right on the other side of him and she was in between us and she was being really flirty towards him, kind of touching him and stuff like that. She went to give him a hug, and when he went to give her a hug he went around her to include me in the hug.

This is a sign that if he’s going all the way around a woman to include you probably means he actually likes you and not the other girl.

Most men won’t really do that if they are not interested in you.

I’ve also seen other cases where a man will literally be rude to that other girl to get to the one that they want. They kind of don’t care about that.

So, something to keep in mind and if that’s happening to you…great! Great job and that means for sure he’s interested in you.

The more he has to go out of his way to include you, the more likely he likes you and he’s really attracted to you.

Now comment below on something you have done or said in an effort to flirt with a guy you like. Let’s share some tips, ladies!

Sign # 3 – He will find some way to be close to you or near you.

Let’s say you’re at a bar and you walk away from the group, you go up to the bar to get a drink and then you turn around and all of a sudden he’s there.

You want to feel like, “oh this guy is just popping up left and right all over the place”. Wherever you go he just happens to be there. That’s a little bit strange, right?

That probably means he likes you.

Another example could be you’re working late, you decide to stay late after work and you didn’t tell anybody about this you just decide on the whim you were going to do this and then you noticed he is also working late for whatever reason. Even though usually he doesn’t.

That’s a sign he was just trying to spend a bit more time with you.

Guys will not really be subtle about this because if a man wants to spend time with you or be close to you, he’s gonna make that happen and you will know, you will feel it.

I think it’s really important that as women, we start to pay attention to this. I have noticed some women and I’ve done this in the past too where… we can be super naive about this.

I’ve just thought oh he’s just friendly, he’s just a really friendly guy and just assumed that he just wants to be my friend. A lot of women tend to think that way.

But if you tell a male friend or a guy you’re dating… this is what’s happening…

They can instantly pick it up. They’ll be like, “Nah that guy likes you”.

Women can be really blind to some of these signs but men know. Men know if that guy is trying to… set up some kind of meeting with you, outside of work, even though it sounds really friendly…

No, he’s not doing that to be friendly, he’s doing that because he likes you.

We need to be really in tune with that, and not be completely naive because if you date someone and he gets the impression you’re really naive, then maybe chances are he may not trust you or he may definitely not trust guys hanging around you.

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