Seeing someone great? But still not getting the kind of commitment you want? Is he saying he doesn’t have “feelings” for you? How do men fall in love, and how can you make him fall in love faster?) I got you covered, girl!

The 5 tips you need!

  1. Big Bang – Initial attraction, if you’re his “type” he will come after you.
  2. No judgment – feels like he can share/and you’ll listen – accepting of who he is. This gives him more confidence he can open up.
  3. Caring – show your caring side. Let him sleep in when he’s tired. Show you care when he’s ill. Help carry his bags if his hands are full.
  4. Show you’re Multi-dimensional. Take him to different environments. Night club, hiking, swimming, camping, concerts, movies, friends party, play board games.
  5. Show a little bit of vulnerability.

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Okay I get it ladies, you already have a checklist, and at this point, you may be ready to throw it out the window. I prefer to call mine, the DREAM list, it only works if you know how to put it to USE for you.

Starting with a list you’re EMOTIONALLY invested in is a start. Do not pick arbitrary traits or purely superficial traits… neither will get you far.

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Let me know what you think. This approach is certainly more “logical” than others, but long term love requires logic and long term thinking. If you like this topic of content, let me know and I’ll be sure to create more content like this in the future.