Ever been frustrated a guy won’t ask you out? Or if a guy does ask you out he flakes on you? Here’s my foolproof formula for how to make a guy ask you out and not flake! This will also work if you want to know how to make a guy ask you out by text, and you want to know how to make a guy ask you out on a date. Some men can be quite shy and you may think to have a hard time asking women out, I want to show he likes, you’ll ask you out on a date.

In this video, I also reveal how to make him like you and attract a high quality man to ask you out even if you have just met.

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Are you frustrated a man you like just isn’t asking you out or frustrated that he keeps asking you out but then keeps flaking on you? Watch until the end of this video and I’ll reveal my foolproof formula to make sure a high quality man always asks you out and never flakes on you again.

Also, you’ll get my bonus tip at the end where I’ll reveal what not to do, what never to do if you want a guy to ask you out and what I think about you asking men out instead.

Tip #1 – Follow the 70/30 Rule

If you did nothing else and you just follow this one rule, that’s what I would like you to do. Just follow this one rule and that’s all you would need to make sure you get asked out and you get pursued by men.

What is the 70/30 rule?

Well, 70/30 rule is where 70% of the conversations; the text messages, the phone calls were initiated by him and the other 30% by you.

So if you were to combine all the conversations you’ve ever had, all the text conversations, all the phone calls that you’ve had, count how many of those were initiated by him, how many of those were initiated by you, you should reach that number.

This is a great way for you to keep track of how much you’re texting him to keep yourself in check because you can very quickly see…

“Oh, I have initiated 50% of the conversation.”

He initiated the other 50% that means I need to slow up, I need to back up, I need to stop initiating. The numbers balance out to about 70/30.

Now to make sure you get a guy to ask you out and to do it a lot sooner then you want, then follow the rest of these tips.

Tip #2 – Be Warm and Enthusiastic

When a man initially messages you, the first five seconds of that conversation is really, really critical.

You want to make sure whenever he sends that first message, you respond warmly with enthusiasm.

This trains him that you’re the kind of woman that is going to make him feel good when she hears from him.

An example I always use is to think about our dogs or our cats, our pets that we have at home.

We love it when we come home and our animals, our dogs are enthusiastic when they greet us.

No wonder so many people love their dogs and so many people want to be around their dogs because dogs have unconditional love for us. They want to give you all their attention and it’s consistent.

You want to do the same with men.

If you greet him with a cold message, you sound like you are annoyed with him, he’s going to stop initiating, he’s going to talk to some other girl.

This means before you send that initial text message,
you want to read that back to yourself and ask,

“Does this sound warm?

Do I sound warm here or is the message getting lost through texting?”

How I like to warm up my messages is to use emojis, smiley faces, and exclamation marks. These touches add a bit of that warmth to your message.

Do you believe it’s okay for a woman to ask a man out? If you have personally done it, comment “Yes” in the comments section below. Let me hear about it.

Tip # 3 – Talk to Him Until you Hit on Something You Have in Common

A lot of women assume just by flirting with him, just by being cheeky or being a cool chick, that alone will get him to ask her out or just by being very sexual or sending sexual messages, that’s not going to cut it.

If you really want a guy to ask you out on a date and not flake, you have to talk to him and talk to him enough until you hit on things you have in common.

That’s the test.

If you don’t have anything in common other than, you like the look of him and he likes the look of you, the chances of him flaking will be sky-high.

Very likely he’ll probably flake.

Or if your conversations are mostly just friendly, flirty banter, chances of him flaking are super high, just because there are probably 10 other girls he’s talking to doing the exact same thing.

The more things you have in common, the more likely he’s going to ask you out.

Now, you have reached the bonus portion of this video, what not to do if you want a man to ask you out:

Bonus Tip #1 – Do Not Tell a Man to Ask You Out

BIG NO NO ladies and you never want to hint you want to be taken out. I mean you can. I’m not saying you can’t. You can do it, but chances are if you have to hint, he’s not that interested and chances are he’s not going to do it or if he does, he’s not going to follow through.

Men are not stupid.

They know it is their job to ask you out to wine and dine you. They know this.

If they’re not doing it, it means that he doesn’t want to.

Bonus Tip # 2 – Do Not Tell Him or Act Like You Want Something Casual

Women will say… “I don’t want a relationship, I’m not sure if I want a relationship” and then a month or two down the road, they’d been talking to him, seeing him and they’re like…”Why isn’t he asking me out?

That’s because you have told him you want something casual. You don’t want a serious relationship.

Men are not going to put in the effort if you tell him you want something casual.

Bonus Tip # 3 – Don’t Send Sexual Text Messages

  • Don’t send sexual text messages.
  • Don’t send sexually suggestive photos.
  • Don’t be aggressive in that way.
  • Don’t be telling him he’s your boy toy.

If you act like that, if you act like he is disposable, he will treat you exactly the same way.

He’s not going to put the effort in if he thinks this is just sex and that’s all you want. He’s not going to go against what you say. Some guys may… the weird ones… but generally, the good ones that you really want won’t do that.

Also, if your relationship started off sexual, your chances of him actually asking you out goes down.

It doesn’t work that way. You need to do it in the right order, the right order to men and to women who are serious about getting into a relationship is to date first, get to know each other a bit and then you have sex. Okay?

You don’t have sex first and then expect him to take you out. It doesn’t work that way.

Lastly, should you ever ask a man out?

My short answer is No…

Not unless he has asked you out at least three times and you have gone to those dates and you didn’t flake. Okay?

Make sure he is always chasing you first.

When you ask a man out, you’re establishing the male role in the relationship and the kind of guys you will attract will be submissive men.

And if you want a strong, high quality man. They will always, always, always want to chase.

He wants to chase you.

He wants to capture you.

He wants there to be a little bit of a challenge.

He needs to win you over.

When he asks you out, that means it was his idea and when he believes it is his idea to take you out. He’s much less likely to flake and more likely to ask you out again.

Remember, if you want a man to ask you out, follow this formula. It works.

Now you know the exact formula to make a man ask you out. How do you make sure that he will also fall madly in love with you?

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