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“Katie is the love cheerleader who inspires hope even when you’re feeling hopeless. Before I worked with Katie, I really didn’t understand men. Their patterns, why some seemed really interested at first but didn’t really stay around, the stages for them to commit, etc. I learned how to distinguish between a player and a man who is serious about a future. It wasn’t what I thought at all!

I acquired skills of how to communicate my feelings with men, and that it’s OK to express myself. It won’t drive them away, and will actually bring them closer. It’s the way you express yourself that’s important, you can say exactly what you mean and have them actually listen to you.

There are no games, or magic tricks, just pure common sense and it actually feels good to be with men now, not stressful with a bunch of games and tactics like other coaches use. I worked with a coach before her and she actually made things worse for me. Katie was able to thankfully undo the damage and now I have a wonderful man who wants to marry me.

Katie gave me skills I will use for a lifetime.” Airion, UK.