In today’s video I want to talk about how to make a man regret losing you. As you know I’m not a fan of talking about controlling or manipulating or you know trying to control a man, but in this video I want to talk about real things you can actually do that will really truly make a man regret losing you. But more importantly you will feel good about yourself. This is always about you, never about the man, as long as you feel good and you’re mentally strong and content, then that’s all it’s about anyway okay so let’s get into it.

Make Him Regret Losing You #1 – Time.

We need time to do its thing. If you have just gone through a breakup yesterday or a day ago, a couple of days ago, that’s not enough time, often not enough time for someone to regret losing you, even if it’s just been a week or a month… I remember for me, that delayed emotion of regret and missing someone, didn’t really hit me until about three months after my breakup. For some people they’re really really good at resisting those emotions and not going there, not thinking about things and it’s very much a delayed reaction.

So give it time. Your ex or the guy that you miss will start to think about you, regret losing you and miss you, and all of those emotions will start to come over him.

Make Him Regret Losing You #2 – He Needs to Compare You With Other Women

In order for him to regret losing you he probably needs to start dating other women. As he dates other women and as he has other relationships, now he has people to compare you with. This is especially true if your partner or your ex has never had a girlfriend before or has only had or very little relationship experience before you.

And a lot of times if someone doesn’t have a lot of experience they won’t know how to appreciate what they have. They won’t see the value in someone because they don’t know what’s really out there. And then maybe they just fixate on all the bad qualities, not realising that everybody has bad qualities, everyone goes through bad days and there’s some bad qualities much worse than others. Maybe your man just needs to date other people, try on other women for size and then he will see that Oh in comparison you’re actually a catch, you’re actually pretty good.

Make Him Regret Losing You #3 – You Get Hot!

You get hot and not temperature hot. It’s no surprise that men value youth and beauty in women and women value financial stability in a man, therefore, it goes without saying, if you want to make a man really really truly regret losing you, you have to get hot! You’ve got to get more attractive than you used to be when you were with him. And there are lots of things you can do to modify and tweak your appearance for a little bit of effort and not a lot of money. I’m not saying you have to go get plastic surgery or you have to look like a supermodel or you have to be stick thin and make yourself sick doing it.

No, that’s not what I’m talking about. There are little things you can tweak in terms of makeup, or just exercising more regularly every week, eating healthier, little things you can do to improve your appearance. Things like drinking more water, getting a good night’s rest, not being stressed…. All of those things can make you look better and feel better.

When you look good you’re probably gonna feel good right. When you feel good, you’re going to act more confident, so this is really about how to be more attractive, feel more confident and essentially be a high value woman and when you do that you’re probably gonna make him regret losing you but the biggest upside is you’re going to feel amazing about yourself and..

Make Him Regret Losing You #4 – Create A Beautiful Life & Be Content

The best way to make a man regret losing you is to have and create a beautiful life. A life you love, a life where you feel happy, joyful, content, on a regular basis. A life you’re just thrilled to be a part of and I will tell you, when I first did this video I had put in, being in a happy relationship with a man but then I realized… you don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy.

You don’t need a man to be happy, so it’s about you being happy and you being content and let me tell you this is the ultimate revenge tactic. If there was one.

If you ever want to feel like you’ve won in life, you winning in life is to just be happy, and not be fake happy but to be authentic, to be who you are and live you. Do you.

Now that portion, took me personally 32 years to figure out, about roughly 32 years, because that was when I met my husband. It took me that long to figure out how to be me and be content and to just be happy and content with myself, whether I was in a relationship or not in a relationship, the one constant is me.

I had to figure out how can I just be happy with me and that took a long time to figure out and I will tell you that is still a continuing process. Because as things change and things change, as life grows and develops and evolves, I will change I will develop I will evolve, so I’ll have to be on the ball with myself.

I have to be in tune with myself and with what I need. What I need to be nourished, to feel fulfilled, to feel good and that is a dance right. That is a constant trying this, trying that, figuring out what feels good what doesn’t feel good and then just being grateful for everything I have in life.

That is really the ultimate, the ultimate thing you need to do… just be content. Figure out who you are and then be content with that.

Okay that’s all from me, if you like this video please like me, leave me some comments and feedback below subscribe to my channel and I’ll be back with another amazing video next time!

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