Ever wondered if you can you make your ex fall in love with you again? Is that even possible? I believe so! Read on to discover my 11 tips to make your ex fall in love with you… AGAIN!

I find it necessary however, to preface my tips with a little note… it isn’t always possible to MAKE just about anyone fall in love with you. Love doesn’t usually work like that.

With two key ingredients however, it might just be possible to recreate love.

  • You must have a chemistry with your ex already. You have to be able to look at your ex and still feel a spark, some sexual attraction – if it isn’t there, it can’t be manually generated!
  • If you and your ex still share a connection or have shared one at some point, it might be possible to rekindle things. If however, you have personalities that are not compatible and if you do not like each other as people very much, you might not be able to fall in love AND stay in love!

A strained connection with an ex who is ANGRY at you is however a whole different thing – maybe you’ve done something to make your ex ANGRY and that’s the reason why they’re not talking to you?

So how do you tell whether or not you share a connection with your ex? The easiest tell is you simply enjoy your time together. You might be stuck in a room together for hours and still not get bored – that’s a sign that you definitely share a connection with this person!

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With that said, let’s get into my 11 tips to make your ex fall in love with you again.

Tip #1: Women prefer to be romanced and men need to “bond” through common activities.

If your ex is a woman, surprising her with flowers or sweet little notes, might help to make her feel special and re-ignite things. If your ex is a man, you might want to set up activities that let you do things together, be physically active together – camping, hiking, fishing or whatever it is that the both of you enjoy – because men don’t necessarily bond by sitting around talking all day long!

Tip #2: Intensify sexual tension!

When you’re with your ex, be mindful of the sexual dynamic between the two of you and look out for whether there is a tension. It is important that you still flirt with them, tease them, playfully slap their arm, touch them on the shoulder – you want to keep the sexual tension alive so that your ex is aware that there is still chemistry between the two of you! And the tension really gives you some bit of power!

A great way to escalate the sexual tension is through a dinner date, especially if your ex is a woman. Flirt with her and look out for signs of reciprocation – is she enjoying it? Is she flirting back? Does she want you to continue? If you’re getting signs that she might be enjoying it, keep escalating the tension!

Tip #3: Make Her feel like a Princess and Make Him feel like a King!

Chivalry as an attractive virtue, is not dead, at least in the eyes of a vast majority of women. So if you know that your girl likes being made to feel like a little bit of a princess, hold the door for her, walk between her and the curb if there is a group of loud men passing… show that you are protective of her.

If your ex is a guy, you might want to puff up his ego a little bit… praise him, make him feel good, take an interest in the things he likes. Don’t put him down or nag too much. If you want your ex to fall in love with you again, focus on having easy, positive interactions rather than on stuff that might unearth sore spots.

Tip #4: Don’t over-think things.

This might be slightly difficult for people who are usually goal oriented, or are very analytical and focused on the end results since they feel like their accomplishments are tied to their value as a person. It is important that you don’t take this trait into your relationships because relationships do not necessarily work that way – people do not want to feel like they are just a pawn in your game or project. They want to feel like thinking, feeling beings – someone that you can appreciate and love for their unique traits and talents.

So when interacting with your partner or with your ex, make sure you are focused on the PRESENT… it’s about how you feel and how you make them feel in your interactions. Try and make the most of you time together in the present rather than over-analyzing and fretting about where things are going.

Tip #5: Stand up for the values you believe in.

This is more about feeling confident and taking pride in the things that make you YOU – things that you like about yourself. Instead of waiting for someone else to come by and tell you about all the wonderful and unique qualities in you, look in on yourself and revel in the best parts of you. When you are SOLD ON YOURSELF, it’s just a lot easier to make others see the best of you!

Tip #6: Be okay with being on your own.

When you take pride in yourself, what you are really telling your ex is “This is me, these are all the wonderful things that make me ME. Take it or leave it.” – you have leverage!

If your ex doesn’t show an interest in you or appreciate you in the ways that you know you need to be appreciated, you WALK! When you make it abundantly clear that you are not dependent on your ex’s approval, you gain POWER! It’s really as simple as walking into a business deal knowing that you do not absolutely NEED IT and can walk away from it. When the other person senses that you might be willing to walk away if undermined, they are more amenable to being accommodating. When you are sold on yourself, others see it too and they’re willing to “compromise” to keep YOU!

Tip #7: Always strive to be BETTER!

We all want to be around people who constantly try to work on themselves and become better people. There is something very inspiring about people who want to learn from their own mistakes, people willing to work on their flaws. When we see someone actively working on self improvement, we often want to be part of their journey because we are curious to see where they end up years from now.

So strive to be better – it is a quality that attracts many because it shows people that you are open to changes and possibly, to being a better version of yourself!

Tip #8: Be more patient.

I like to believe that the universe is going to grant you everything that you want, as long as you are willing to work hard for those things and be patient. However, if you are impatient and want things to work out for you in an instant, you might be setting yourself up for some disappointment.

So let the universe test you out once in a while – work hard and strive towards achieving all that you want. But be patient with yourself – this is especially relevant in current times where a huge premium is placed on making things happen quickly. However, if you are willing to work through this maddening need for instant gratification, you might find that you get more joy out of working for things that are harder to achieve. Being more patient will in the long run, make you feel more content with yourself.

Tip #9: If you ex has blocked you or is doing a “No Contact” on you, take it as an opportunity to LOVE YOURSELF MORE!

Like I said, when you are sold on yourself, the world will clamour for you. So instead of wallowing in sadness and self pity, you need to be feeding your soul with lots of goodness and reminding yourself of all the things that make you unique and wonderful! When you believe that you deserve a great partner and a brilliant future, you are likely to actively work for it instead of simply waiting for your ex to come back!

Tip #10: If you want your ex to be interested in you, SHOW INTEREST in them first!

There is a wonderful book titled “How to Win Friends and Influence People” – it says if you want people to like you and to be friends with you, one of the first things you should be doing is taking an interest in people. Spend time to learn about people and their interests – this makes people want to take an interest in you too.

It’s really kind of the same thing with your ex. Instead of constantly fretting about what you should be doing or saying next or how YOU’RE going to appear, how about focusing on your ex and giving them a couple of minutes where it’s all about them? When you do that, they will naturally want to give you the same!

Tip #11: Do more of what WORKS!

Apart from all these generic tips that are likely to lend themselves to most people and personalities, I would really recommend that you look at your ex as a unique individual and take the time to identify what works best with them.

So now that you know of some ways you could make your ex fall in love with you again, you don’t have to let yourself wallow in the woes of the heart! Put your chin up and take charge!

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