What Clients Are Saying


“You’re magic! I want to tell everyone about you.”

I had been dating for years and still searching for a meaningful connection. I had the help of coaches in my professional life, and thought that perhaps it was time for a relationship coach if I wanted my situation to change. I was tired and down on the dating process and needed to switch things up, most of my friends are married and I knew the advice I was getting from my friend’s and peers was not helping! After speaking with Katie I felt challenged but also understood.I decided to try the coaching and it was the best decision ever.

Since being coached by Katie I have incorporated many new routines into my life, I now connect more to my feelings, I remind myself to lean back and not control every situation- to breathe. In turn I am a more happy soul. I can now see that the energy I bring to work can be left at work.

I am in a relationship with a great guy! I let him do things for me- which for some may seem obvious, but was not for me.



“…gave me skills I will use for a lifetime.”

Katie is the love cheerleader who inspires hope even when you’re feeling hopeless. Before I worked with Katie, I really didn’t understand men. Their patterns, why some seemed really interested at first but didn’t really stay around, the stages for them to commit, etc. I learned how to distinguish between a player and a man who is serious about a future. It wasn’t what I thought at all!

I acquired skills of how to communicate my feelings with men, and that it’s OK to express myself. It won’t drive them away, and will actually bring them closer. It’s the way you express yourself that’s important, you can say exactly what you mean and have them actually listen to you.

There are no games, or magic tricks, just pure common sense and it actually feels good to be with men now, not stressful with a bunch of games and tactics like other coaches use. I worked with a coach before her and she actually made things worse for me. Katie was able to thankfully undo the damage and now I have a wonderful man who wants to marry me.

Katie gave me skills I will use for a lifetime.”



“Katie’s coaching helped me work through my toughest moments during the relationship.”

I was early in a new relationship that felt very promising, but my then boyfriend (now husband) started expressing uncertainty about long-term commitment, and the way I was reacting to that uncertainty felt very similar to how I’d struggled and been in pain in a previous relationship. I really wanted to change my own patterns and fortunately came across Katie’s youtube videos and blog. Her writing, message and communication style really resonated with me – I felt there was a real growth opportunity for me to improve my emotional intelligence.

Katie’s coaching was crucial to me learning how to recognize and truly feel my feelings, rather than intellectualize them, which often led (and still does sometimes!) to drawn-out arguments with my partner that didn’t bring us closer. I remember one key moment when I was having a big fight with my partner, and Katie coached me to start saying only how I felt, rather than explaining my thoughts. I think that really helped me and my partner feel more bonded, and eventually resolve the misunderstanding.

I’m married now! I credit Katie’s coaching in helping me work through my toughest moments during the relationship. I also have learned to “thought log” and journal my thoughts, feelings and actions especially during moments of high emotional intensity, which helps remind me that I am ultimately in control of my life and what perspective I choose to have on any given situation.

New York


“I now have more confidence when I go on dates, and feel more comfortable in my own skin”

I came across Katie’s youtube channel by chance and her videos resonated with me 100%!! I was not having a great experience in my dating life, and Katie’s coaching helped me see my blind spots and made me realize I had to shift from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset in order to attract high-value men. I now have more confidence when I go on dates, and feel more comfortable in my own skin as I focus on living in the moment, and paying more attention to how I feel about the guy and not the other way around! I wish I had found Katie sooner!!


Denver, CO


“I can say proudly that my life has completely changed since I started working with Katie”

Charles and I are a couple! He is incredible! He supports me, encourages me, listens, pays attention to everything, loves to spend time with me and makes me happy! We are more and more drawn to each other, we talk about future projects, we look forward to doing fun things together and we have the best time doing the simpler things. We really want to travel together when it will be permitted, but for now we are enjoying each other’s company doing what we can, even when times are tough. It has not always been perfect, but whenever something was wrong, just talking openly made everything better. It took time to communicate deeply and for him to open up, but we are definitely working on it and we learned that talking makes everything better and allows us to learn more about each other.

…I am confident in my relationship with Charles now and I’m happy and in love.




Katie helped me in being observant to myself and it is helping me a lot on my day to day interaction with people. She gives insight that I did not notice before that is greatly impacting my personal life.



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