Are you glum about seeing your ex dating a new person and wondering how you can win them back? How about if your ex is “still in love with you” while they’re with someone new? Do you wonder if there’s even the slightest possible chance to win them back?

Read through some of my very simple tips to find out how that might be possible for you… especially if your ex started seeing someone very soon after you broke up!

Win Your Ex Back if They’re Dating Other People

Tip #1: You do not want to appear affected!

I often hear of people jumping into another relationship or flirting with a new person right after they’ve broken up with someone.

If you see your ex doing this, you might assume that they’ve probably moved on really quickly. But a lot of times, this is just a rebound relationship and trust me, 90% of rebound relationships DO NOT work out! What your ex is essentially doing is trying to replace you very quickly with someone else… it’s probably just their way of coping with the breakup and attempting to heal themselves.

A lot of people, especially if they’re not very strong or independent emotionally, will try to seek out someone who will give them attention while they are trying to transition from one relationship to out of the relationship and then into another one. The transition from a relationship to “nothing” is pretty hard for a lot of people to deal with. That’s probably why it’s so common to see people jump into a new relationship super quick… what they’re really doing is using another person as a tool to heal, to move on and to make themselves feel better.

So it’s really got nothing to do with you and your relationship with your ex specifically, but is more about your ex trying to deal with the breakup. So if you want to win your ex back if they’re dating other people, what you don’t want to do is appear affected! If you were to get super jealous, calling them and abusing them and expressing anger… well, that could just push your ex further away and deeper into the arms of the other person!

And if you really do love your ex, you will want to be happy for them if it appears that they are genuinely happy or showing signs that they are coping well!

Tip #2: Don’t Act as Your Ex’s Relationship Therapist or try to Meddle with their new relationship.

Sometimes, it might so happen that your ex may be undecided. If your ex still loves you but is dating someone new, it is likely that he or she may still be talking to you and sharing their feelings with you. Sometimes, you will hear more about their new relationship than you should or would like to!

You however, want to be VERY CLEAR about setting some BOUNDARIES between your ex and their new relationship and your relationship with your ex. You do not want to get tangled or meddled up in their drama because that’s got nothing to do with you. This might again just be your ex trying to heal or sort through their emotions using a new person, or in this case, YOU, as a tool!

It’s also important that you do not fall into the game of trying to compete with the new guy or the new girl, for your ex. This is a definite NO if you want to win your ex back while they’re dating someone else! Be confident in your unique connection with your ex and focus on your own game!

Tip #3: This one’s really more for women than men – You don’t want to be THE CRAZY EX GIRLFRIEND!

Because women tend to be more outwardly confrontational sometimes (or “crazy”) when it comes to relationships and their feelings, we often hear of terms such as “the crazy ex girlfriend” – a woman who might be trying to break up their ex’s connection with their new partner. This is a big, big NO-NO!

I am all for women looking out for each other. So ladies, thumbs down to fighting with each other over a guy! If you see that your ex seems pretty serious in their new relationship, you might just want to leave them alone! Do not meddle or get into their drama.

If your connection with your ex is strong enough, they will give you a sign themselves. You don’t want to be the one blowing up his phone with constant texts or calls because women are naturally good at detecting when something like this is up. If your ex’s new partner were to sense this, she will definitely put pressure on him to cut you off completely and he’s going to follow!

I’d be very careful about pushing any interactions with an ex. Focus on your connection on a “friendship level”, which would mean that saying anything sexual is out of question!

So if you want to win your ex back while they’re dating someone new, focus on your friendship with him. If there is something there and he still feels something for you, he will definitely give you a signal!

Ideally, you should also find yourself someone to talk to… DON’T blow up your ex’s phone!

Tip #4: My last tip really is for you to go watch my video on How to Make Your Ex Fall in Love with You.

If you’re trying to win your ex back while they’re dating someone else, a lot of those tips might apply to your situation.

I strongly feel that your relationship with your ex is unique to you. Do not fret about what your ex is up to with a new person. They’re NOT your competition and they’ve got nothing to do with you! If you meddle, you’re going to make things work! Just let things play out on their own… your ex’s new relationship might either work out or it won’t!

Focus on yourself and one way or another, you’ll find yourself on calmer shores!

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