It’s frustrating sometimes when I see amazing women put their relationships “last” and yet I know deep down, they truly crave a great man in their life.

I think it says a lot about what they fear.

If you’re afraid to get into a meaningful relationship, you’re afraid of emotional growth. Sure, perhaps you are succeeding in your career or succeeding financially… but what about your emotional maturity? Your spirituality? The ability to connect with someone on a deep and intimate level?

If you think relationships are not important, think again.

Relationship affects every part of our life. If your relationship is amazing, everything becomes better and more amazing.

And if you want to experience life to the fullest; if you want an amazing and fulfilling life… you need an amazing and fulfilling relationship.

There’s no way around this. Friends and family are not going to cut it. Work is not going to cut it. An abundance of money and things will not cut it. A lifetime of achievements and recognition will not cut it. These avenues will give you temporary happiness at best. And then you’ll be left feeling empty and craving something more.

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If you’re in agreement with me here.. let me ask you.

How much time do you dedicate EVERYDAY to dating or growing your relationship?

If you’re browsing online dating sites or Tinder, are you trying to create meaningful, creative, interesting connections with people OR are you just playing with it like it’s some kind of video game?

How many hours do you devote to going to networking events, social meet ups or even friend/family gatherings in an effort to MEET PEOPLE?

Because if you’re spending most of your weekdays at home with Netflix or browsing YouTube or Facebook, instead of going out and creating connections with men, going on dates with men or trying to make a man smile or laugh on your phone, you’re WASTING YOUR TIME.

If you want a relationship, if you want a meaningful relationship, you must put in the time.

Sitting at home and complaining to your girlfriends about how you’re still single or can’t seem to “find anyone you like” or how “all the good ones are taken” is just you being lazy.

If your boss told you, you had to go out and network your ass off to get the next promotion or else you’re fired, would you do it?

I’m here to tell you, you need to go out and network to FIND A MAN, not for me, but for YOU.

Because your personal growth and happiness is important. How about putting that first for once, instead of turning on Netflix and wishing you had something you didn’t. All because you’re just too damn lazy to go out and get it.

And believe me, I get it.

It’s easier, safer, more comfortable if you sit at home and do nothing hard or intimidating.

It’s real cushy in your PJs where no one can judge you and you don’t have to try to impress anyone.

Doing nothing is easy.

It’s easy to not care about what you eat or drink. It’s easy to not exercise. It’s easy to not talk to people.

I think the easiest thing people can do is just to go lie down and die because that means your body do not have to do anything ever again, including breathe.

(Oops, that quickly turned morbid).

If you want to live, you must do what’s HARD.

If you want to achieve greatness, or true fulfillment, or push out a baby, or feel exploding love from a man’s eyes, those things are HARD.

But I’ll bet, it’s because they’re hard that is what makes them worth doing. What’s easy may make you feel safe for the moment, but they will never bring you long lasting joy and fulfillment.

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And… don’t give up!

I’ll be watching you…


P.S. I wasn’t trying to be creepy then… but just so you know, I will be watching you.